Case Study: Sail Away...

Client: Plymouth Waterfront Partnership

Services: Content

Don't tell anyone. But Plymouth is really amazing. Really. Don't tell ANYONE. 'Cause, y'know, otherwise the house prices will go up. We'll get a bunch of DFLs (down from Londons) turning up. We won't be able to park. And we might actually have to work. There. We've said it. The dreaded W word.

When we approached about doing the Official Plymouth Visitor Guide we were excited. The chance to tell people about this amazing place we live in.
The good news was, our fellow community was as excited as we were... people piled in and gave us some amazing creative content. From scratch, we wrote, designed, sourced imagery and sold advertising space. The result was gorgeous. A very different guide from previous versions, that also tapped into online networks to engage the community. In a small way, it set the standard for Visitor Guides nationally.

We are still excited about this beautiful City. There. We've said that too.

Visitor Guide