Case Study: Heligan - a place in the soul...

Client: The Lost Gardens of Heligan


Beautiful, lost and multi-award winning Heligan is one of our oldest - and most respected - clients. Located in the far West of Cornwall, the derelict gardens were discovered by Sir Tim Smit over 25 years ago, following their desertion when Heligan's gardeners downed tools and went to fight in the Great War, nearly a hundred years before. Now Heligan has been restored to beyond its former glory and is not only one of the best loved gardens in the UK, it is a vibrant hub of creativity and environmental expertise and discovery.

We've worked with Heligan over the last ten years ensuring that its story is told loudly and clearly - and its unique points of difference are understood by a growing audience. We achieve regular national coverage in The Telegraph, Sunday Times and gardening press and ensure that its on national media's radar when they want plant expertise and advice. We've also supported a number of unique events like Kneehigh's Asylum, Heligan Harvest, 100:Unearthed and a raft of stunning art exhibitions.

So if you're looking to lose yourself a little, explore Heligan's stunning hidden valley, meet the Mud Maid, try out the rope bridge, experience the award winning rhododendron collection or find out why it's one of the best garden's in Britain, get in touch.

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