Case Study: Eye Eye

Client: Macu-SAVE

Services: PR, Social, Content

Losing your eyesight isn't inevitable as you grow older. Conditions that cause blindness in old age like AMD can be slowed and even stopped. There are a new range of naturally based daily remedies that can preserve your eyesight, and so maintain your independence as you age. Macu-SAVE is one of those products. Produced by British based innovative healthcare company, Zeon Healthcare, just one tablet a day can have huge health benefits, protecting the macula at the back of your eye and maintaining your vision.

Wordfluential has been working in partnership with Zeon to develop a content offering that explains the condition and how Macu-SAVE can help. It's a health issue of particular relevance to woman - the gatekeepers not just to their own health, but their parents. Our branded content campaigns targets female audiences on and offline in the channels and networks they use and enjoy.

Tommy Van Kessel 795037 Unsplash