Mayflower A Sea Change

An iconic book about how one extraordinary voyage shaped the city of Plymouth, its people and your future

Why is it that the story of a small ship, which crossed the sea of darkness with its 102 passengers, 400 years ago, still fires our imaginations and creates debate about its impact on world history, today?

Mayflower A Seachange sets out to tell the story of the ultimate journey, learning about the incredible history of its launch and discovering the untold stories of the city and its people. In this book you'll discover:

  • PAST - Have we been here before? What led to 102 people risking everything to embark on a small ship?
  • PRESENT - What will it take to create a seachange?
  • FUTURE - Find out where we'll really be 400 years from now, from 20 people who know.

PLUS! 400 HIDDEN GEMS - The ultimate guide to Britain's Ocean City


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