Get ready for a new type of book - Mayflower - a seachange...

Mayflower - a seachange: we're crowdfunding a brand new book about a brand new world!

Support our exciting new book that tells the story of Britain’s Ocean City, and its place in the discovery of the new world, as told by the people of Plymouth - we're crowdfunding now!

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We're creating a new book that tells the story of Britain’s Ocean City, Plymouth, its place in the discovery of the new world, and showcasing 20 inspiring characters from the City and their fears and ideas for the future, and have launched a crowdfunding campaign on

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Our story

It’s 400 years, 20 generations, 30 million Americans and a mass of cultural and technological changes since a small ship called The Mayflower, carrying 102 brave souls and at least 30 crew, set out on an epic voyage that was not only destined to change its passengers’ lives irrevocably, but the very course of world history.

We’re a team of writers, publishers, designers, researchers, editors, mapmakers, photographers and artists, living in Britain’s Ocean City who think there’s an even bigger story yet to be told about this most famous of global voyages.

And now is the time to tell it.

Pledge now! [live October 15]

We’re launching our crowdfunding campaign to publish an amazing new book about Mayflower, Plymouth, its people and its hidden gems.

The book came from an idea by Dawn Bebe, a founder of the Plymouth Culture Board, and an award-winning editor and publisher, who has been working to promote Plymouth over the last decade. It has been directed and written by travel-writer and photographer for Lonely Planet, Juliet Coombe, designed by Gordon Ramsey’s book designer, James Edgar, edited and historically researched by Charlie Keeler, Mayflower 400 historic tour guide for Devon & Cornwall Tour Guides in Plymouth, and illustrated by Sarah Smallden, with photography of Plymouth characters by Guy Harris, picture research by Plymouth University student, Jodie Lidstone and video by ITV and Rick Stein cameraman Dominic Husband. It will be the first of a new social enterprise publishing company called Bookfluential.

The crowdfunding campaign will launch with an event on October 17, 5.30-7.00pm, at Identity Fashion, Royal William Yard, Plymouth.

  • People can register for free and come along and hear what the book's all about - and find out how they can get hold of a first edition, get their name in it, or give one to a school.

They can also meet the authors, publishers and designers and hear from some of the incredible people who feature in the book:

  • Jo Martin, Plymouth's first ever QC, on law now and then
  • Deni, Identity Fashion designer, fashion then and now
  • Ayse Phaneuf on the art of underwater archeology

Guests will be invited to donate to the crowdfund, become a Mayflower Ambassador or help the fundraiser by sharing with their network: @MayfloweraSeachange

“We want people to come on an exciting journey with us: to learn more about the Mayflower story, the story of its people and what led up to it casting off from Mayflower Steps on Sept 16, 1620 into the dark unknown seas of the Atlantic,” said Content Director Juliet Coombe.

“We also want to tell the story of its launchpad: Plymouth. A city that’s often under-rated - sometimes even mocked - in modern times, but a city that has a place in world history as the starting point of many of the world’s most important voyages of discovery. It’s one of the cities that, as we enter the uncharted waters of the 21st Century, is leading the way through another seachange: the environmental impact of man on our oceans.”

The team have announced a partnership with the Ocean Conservation Trust, with 10% of profits going to the charity, helping their work to protect the marine environment and solve the issue of plastic waste contaminating the oceans.

“If you want to make a difference to the future please each give £50 or more to help publish this book that takes a look into the future of those at the top of their professions today and what we have learnt from the past. We are the future - join the human race in a race against time, and together we can be the game changers for the planet to survive and thrive.” Juliet Coombe, Director

Pledge now! [live October 15]

Notes to editors:

For more information, images or interviews, contact or Dawn Bebe on 07831 790416

Mayflower 400 - a seachange


  • The Journey of The Mayflower
  • What was happening at that time - social and political context
  • 20 Plymouth characters - Then, now and in the future
  • 400 of Plymouth’s Hidden Gems
  • Sea of Change - Practical Ways You Can Help Protect the Ocean
  • Mayflower Credits and Thank yous